Senior High School Students’ Research Output

External Obstacles and Psychological Stress in Online Distance Learning: A Correlational Study 


Joan Maxene Z. Alfonso,

Joshua Gabriel B. Arcallo

Stephen P. Buenconcejo

Ariane Marie B. Conrada

Wella J. Jalandoni (SHS Gr. 12 STEM-Perseus)


The advent of technology in education and the prohibition of face-to-face classes due to the pandemic have caused some schools in the Philippines to switch to Online Distance Learning. The study determined the extent to which the external obstacles had an effect on the online distance learning experience of the students. It also identified the psychological stress level experienced by the students. The significant relationship between the external obstacles and stress level was also determined. The correlational study was conducted among Grade 12 students of Riverside College, Inc. Results show that among the external obstacles such as internet connectivity, cellular signal, household conditions, and finance, it was the area of finance that had the highest effect on the students. There was a high level of psychological stress experienced from online distance learning and this was manifested more among the female Grade 12 students. A positive correlation was observed between external obstacles and stress level. It was recommended that educational institutions in the Philippines should strengthen their policies, actions and programs to resolve issues affecting students’ online distance learning.  

 Investigating the Difficulties and Coping Mechanism of the Public High School Teachers in the Modular Distance Learning Education


Edda Mae M. Cabalfin

Jenny C. de Guzman

Grachelle G. Garcia

Sofia Chamel D. Gonzales

Justine Nicole B. Guinabo

Jude Christian D. Guzman

Stella Marie Janeo (SHS Grade 12 HE-Ametrine)


In 2020, schools were physically closed due to the pandemic. The study investigated the difficulties encountered by public school teachers and the coping mechanisms they have employed with regards to modular distance learning education. Results of the survey administered to 55 Public High School teachers revealed that the teachers have seldom experienced the difficulties in the preparation of their modules and in their personal lives. Coping strategies involved doing something they found enjoyable, having a good frame of mind, spending time with family and friends and finding emotional support.