Riverside College, Inc. helps students become 21st century global leaders and professionals through Tech-Savvy Programs and Nurturing Environment and Processes. #rciconnects

Riverside College, Inc. is a Private Academic Institution in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The College is operated and managed by Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc.

Enter with a goal
Leave as a 21st century global leader and professional


Our main priority is to equip you with the latest educational technology tools to be highly adaptive 21st Century Global Leaders & Professionals in a fast-changing world.

  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Innovative Learning Technologies
  • Microsoft Learning Applications (Senior High School & College)


We place a high value on making our school a safe, fun and inspirational place to learn for 21st Century Global Leaders & Professionals. Our highly skilled talented staff will help you reach your goals and fulfill your potential because we believe that modern education requires investment in more than just bricks and mortar.

  • Holistic Education Program
  • Career Counseling Program
  • Online Student Services
  • Complete Modern Facilities
  • Relevant Safety Protocols

These two elements make us a High Performing Institution that is a leading hub of 21st Century Global Leaders & Professionals who are ready to take on the future.

List of Officers


Vice President – Academic Affairs  

Manager, Finance  

Academic Manager for Arts & Allied Sciences  

Academic Manager, Rehabilitation and Imaging Sciences Cluster   

Academic Manager for Nursing, Graduate Studies and Education Technology   

Academic Manager for Laboratory Sciences and Dean, College of Medical Technology  

Senior High School Principal   

Manager, Student Affairs and Services  

Director, Center for Research and Extension  

Dean, College of Physical Therapy  

Dean, College of Radiologic Technology  

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences  

Dean, College of Nursing  

Officer-in-Charge, Library  

Officer, Allied Health Services (TESDA Programs)  

College Registrar  

Head, Property And General Services  

  Mr. Samuel Z. Lee

  Dr. Michelle M. Saplada

  Mr. Jose Warven T. Ilalim

  Mr. Virgilio Y. Tan II

  Mr. Joselito L. Murillo 

  Ms. Livia D. Dychangco


Mr. Jade S. Sunico 

 Ms. Jaira Dale Magsadia

  Dr. Elvi Summer V. Idiosolo

  Dr. Ervie Emelda S. Gallespen

  Dr. Jair Kimri P. Jingco

  Dr. Elizabeth R. Hollero

  Ms. Annabelle C. Solatorio

  Dr. Dinah A. Tanalgo

  Ms. Analiza B. Licayan

  Ms. Ma. Rhodora L. Ramirez

  Ms. Rowena Joy A. Gayatin

  Mr. Cristino H. Corpus

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