Vaccinations are currently the leading health prevention strategy to end the Covid-19 pandemic. In collaboration with the Bacolod City EOC-RF, we were able to make this very important and crucial step possible, and by helping us facilitate the vaccination process which is also doing our part in the society.

Riverside College, Incorporated opened its doors for a school-based vaccination last July 28, 2021. This is in collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center Task Force or EOC-RF of Bacolod City through Dr. Chris Sorongon, the Deputy for Medical Data and Analysis. A total of 311 students were vaccinated, among whom, 48 were Nursing students who received their second dose of the vaccine. In contrast, 263 others from Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, Radiologic Technology, and Allied programs got their first dose. Riverside College employees and their dependents also availed of the vaccination initiative.

Clinical instructors from Riverside College, the College of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, and Radiologic Technology volunteered to communicate, register, assess, inoculate, observation, and isolation of the said vaccination.

The Core Team of Riverside College ensured the smooth flow of the vaccination process was composed of Ms. Laarni Sotomil of the College of Nursing, Dr. Emie Rose Leyes, and Ms. Iche Calates of the HR Office, Mr. Cris Corpus from the Property, and Dr. Michelle Saplada, VPAA. A token of appreciation was given by Riverside College Incorporated to its employees who have submitted themselves for vaccination.

Riverside College Incorporated’s contribution to the attainment of herd immunity in Bacolod City, abiding by the Covid-19 protocols and being at par with the institution’s goal of having 100% of its employees fully vaccinated, and boosted also in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols in full preparation for the face-to-face classes targeted in the next academic year.