RCI AND PANASIATIC: Partners in Learning Continuity

Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you, I am sure that everyone has heard of it. This is true. Nowadays, those who have completed college or hold a degree are more likely to be given greater opportunities than those who haven’t. However, we cannot ignore the fact that not everyone has the means and other resources to have it. Last February 17, Riverside College, Inc. and Panasiatic Call Centers, Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement for Call Center Agents who wish to pursue a college degree. Their partnership is part of the Work and Study Program that Riverside College, Inc. is initiating. The program aims to ensure continuity of learning for the current and future employees of Panasiatic Call Centers, Inc. especially those who have graduated from Senior High School and opted to work instead of pursuing a college degree for lack of resources.

The program is envisioned to help working students given the flexibility in class schedules and tuition fee requirements. This will also provide the students with lifelong experiences as they are given the opportunity to expose themselves to the actual world of work while studying. During the Memorandum of Agreement signing, representatives from Riverside College, Inc. and Panasiatic. The team from RCI was headed by Mr. Samuel Z. Lee (College President), and along with him were Dr. Michelle M. Saplada (Vice President for Academic Affairs), Mr. Virgilio Tan (Academic Manager), Ms. Sarah Monica Esguerra-Agana (Program Head for the College of Business and Entrepreneurship) and Ms. Beatrice Angela Erbite (Planning Officer). The following key persons of Panasiatic came in full force to support the said event: Ms. Siony Hijara-Ferraris (Site Director/General Manager), Mr. Rogie Mark Arceñas (Operations Director), Mr. Antonio Jose Ferraris (Recruitment Manager), Mr. Alain Fideles Pilar (Recruitment Manager) and Ms. Theresa Sase (Sourcing Officer).

The Work and Study Program, which RCI has initiated, is intended to assist families of students who wish to send their children to school but cannot do so due to financial constraints. The success of this partnership now rests in the hands of the students who have been given the opportunity to study while working. If they have any questions about the courses that they can take while working, they can simply visit https://riverside.edu.ph/ and find out more information there.