The Covid-19 pandemic situation here in our country has challenged our mental health and well-being as the number of cases is rising sharply. People are becoming anxious, nervous, and scared of themselves. That is why staying sane in these troubled times is such a challenge. What we can do now is figure out how to be rational while still being able to function in our daily lives. One way to keep us sane is to stay safe and be informed. Keeping ourselves safe by taking precautions like wearing a mask, observing social distancing, maintaining our physical and mental health, and receiving our Covid-19 vaccines. We can always be informed by watching the news about Covid updates, reading posts and articles, or simply by scrolling through our social media accounts. Covid cases are on the rise in Bacolod and nearby cities and municipalities, causing our entire body to react in fear and anxiety. Hence, promoting mental health awareness is very important these days.

According to the Department of Health, vaccines have already arrived in the Philippines. In partnership with the local governments, the national government will collaborate to ensure that the vaccines reach those who need them the most. Because vaccines are limited, the Department of Health has released guidelines for who should be vaccinated with the Covid-19 shots first. Workers in Frontline Health Services, Senior Citizens, Persons with Comorbidities, and Frontline personnel in essential sectors, including uniformed personnel, are the ones to be vaccinated first. The local government unit will arrange for the registration and scheduling of their vaccination. Covid 19 Vaccination is the most effective health-prevention strategy currently available to combat this pandemic. Riverside College, Inc. and Riverside Medical Center Inc. contributed to the rollout of these vaccines. Earlier this month, RCI opened its doors for a school-based vaccination in collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center Task Force (EOC-RF) of Bacolod City through Dr. Chris Sorongon, the Deputy for Medical Data and Analysis. He also gave Riverside College Covid 19 updates on Vaccination Program to the RCI Faculty last March 25. In line with the vaccination program, Dr. Sorongon recognized the contributions of RMCI and RCI to the city. He also encouraged everyone to be more vigilant, especially with the rising cases again in the province.

Riverside College values and cares for its community, especially during times like this when everything appears to be a blur. A webinar was conducted last April 15, 2021, by Dr. Chris Sorongon, in which he provided an informative orientation regarding the vaccination roadmap and program to the students of Riverside College via Microsoft Teams. This online educational campaign aims to raise awareness among the residents of Bacolod about the importance of vaccination and how this can mitigate the surge of COVID-19 cases in the city. Included in the discussion was a detailed idea of who is eligible for the vaccination, how to register and avail the vaccine, and the comprehensive safety protocols and programs that would be observed. Dr. Sorongon concluded the webinar with the note, “It is our social responsibility to be vaccinated, and it is one of the best contributions that we can give to our family and the society.”