The Riverside College, Inc. offers a program in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. It is a five-year program that aims to train experts who have leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills in rehabilitation therapy and patient management. It promotes optimal health and function by providing services that develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability, for people at any stage of life, when their movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors. The program culminates in a one-year comprehensive internship program that allows students to work within the health spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment or intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation, supervised by licensed professionals. However, due to the global pandemic, students’ exposure to different training sites for their internship programs has been hampered. But luckily here at Riverside College, as we continue to seek excellence through our tech-savvy facilities and innovative educational processes, a Rehabilitation Clinic has been prepared by the College of Physical Therapy for their students.


Amidst the pandemic, the College of Physical Therapy still celebrated another milestone as it opens its Physical Therapy (PT) Rehab Clinic at the Ground Floor of the Annex Building last February 4, 2021. The clinic is known to have a complete and modern facility with Virtual-Reality Simulations. Through the availability of this kind of clinic that Riverside College offers, this will allow their students to to simulate actual laboratory experiences even if they are just inside the school’s premises. Students can also address their needs to gain that clinical and experiential confidence that will give them an edge over other Physical Therapy graduates. Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy College Dean, Dr. Jair Kimri P. Jingco, in his welcome message, shared his thoughts on the purpose of the Rehab Clinic as a venue for student interns to develop more passion and energy in dealing with their patients. Dr. Jingco emphasized the importance of developing students who will not just see their patients as mere cases but rather as individuals who deserve the treatment needed to reduce pain and restore their strength and mobility. The Rehab Clinic will also serve as a venue for students to address and enrich themselves in Research and Community Extension engagement programs and priorities.  The blessing of the Rehab Clinic was conducted by Rev. Fr, Giovanni Garde, former Coordinator of the PT Department in the presence of Riverside College President Mr. Samuel Z. Lee, VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Michelle M. Saplada, other Officers and the Faculty of the College of Physical Therapy.

The Riverside College community expressed gratitude to its administration, as well as to the officers, faculty, and staff of the College of Physical Therapy, for their efforts to continuously provide a safe learning environment for its students. Indeed, learning continues beyond the walls of physical and virtual classrooms.