We have plenty of reasons to say goodbye to the year 2020 and all the pain it has wrought. It has caused so much darkness and depression, hopelessness and oppression. But, we also have enough reason to be grateful for the lessons learned and the opportunities that 2020 has brought.  

   A new year is upon us. As we face this new decade, there may be uncertainties but there are new trends to adjust to, new habits to manage, new lifestyles to embrace, and new opportunities to grab.     

   There may be a lot of changes in systems and processes, in businesses, in schools, in the workplace or even among social circles.  We cannot predict what 2021 has in store for each one of us but we can always face it with the right attitude and enough positivity.  

   If we start managing our expectations and define clearly our goals, then 2021 will not be difficult to handle.  Instead of making resolutions, why don’t we set  objectives that we can focus and work on. Tiny steps taken are far better than not taking a step at all.   

   Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michelle M. Saplada shared a strategy to be implemented  in meeting targets for 2021. The keyword is PLOW. “P” stands for “Plan,” as we need to formulate, implement, evaluate and re-evaluate well our plans. “L” stands for “Lessen,” as we need to lessen the trouble-shooting. “O” stands for “Open,“ as we practice  open communication with each other to avoid misunderstandings. “W” stands for “Welcome,” because we need to welcome positive feedback to improve on our operations.  

   If Riverside College managed to survive in 2020, it will definitely withstand the complex challenges and perils of the new year, 2021. This is only possible when the entire Riverside College community will be driven by the same goals, and will be working  together as one team towards reinforcing our commitment to develop 21st century global leaders and professionals through technology-savvy programs & nurturing and safe environment and processes.