In its pursuit to continually seek strategies to help students gain a complete understanding of new concepts introduced to them, Mr. Ariel Patria (SHS Principal) and Ms. Marbie Villanueva (Psychology Department Program Head) were tasked to explore different Learning Models suited to the specific needs of Riverside Collegians. After a thorough investigation of existing models, and with some modifications and trials made, RCI has finally come up with its own 4Es Learning Model effective this 2nd Semester.  This consists of a set order of events that would facilitate learning and these are Engage, Explore, Extend and Evaluate.

Engage is focused on building up on existing knowledge and prior experiences. It includes a review of past concepts, lessons and skills learned.

Explore deals with the further examination of the most significant parts of a concept for a deeper understanding of existing knowledge.

Extend involves the making of conclusions and generalization, and tries to connect lessons to relevant contexts.

Evaluate deals with the assessment of learning and connects it for application to solve real-world problems and situations.

The 4Es will only serve as a guide for the teachers in the implementation of their Learning Activities. The significance of a Learning Model is actually dependent on how the teachers are able to engage their students to participate in active and interactive learning. It is very important that the learning environment created around this 4Es Learning Model is able to provide the best learning experience for the students. Students’ success are most likely to take place when their needs are identified, understood and supported.