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5 Tips to Get You Ready for Face-to-Face Classes

It’s a new semester, students! This 2022, more colleges, universities, and specialized schools are conducting limited face-to-face classes now that the restrictions have been eased to Alert Level 1 in most cities in Metro Manila and other key cities in the provinces.

With more schools holding face-to-face classes, there’s now an opportunity for you to reunite with or finally meet your classmates, professors, org mates, pati na rin ang mga ate at kuya from students’ favorite food spots and coffee places.

While students are both excited and anxious over the new semester and the possibility of face-to-face classes, do take note that schools in different regions have varying guidelines depending on the Alert Level of their area.

Yours can be one of the schools resuming on-campus classes. Whether you’re excited to see your classmates in the flesh or anxious about the beginning of classes, here are some tips to help you face the semester. Are you ready to go back to school (physically)?

Follow the school’s protocols

Schools, as public spaces, follow IATF COVID-19 guidelines. Apart from enforcing social distancing, temperature checks, and keeping your face mask on at all times, they also have their initiatives such as handwashing stations, ensuring proper ventilation, and setting up physical barriers, markers and signages, thermal scanners, and air purifiers. All these para mapanatiling ligtas ang mga estudyante at staff!

And when you’re not feeling well, it’s best to stay at home instead. Once you’re well, make sure to frequently check your school’s social media pages for the latest updates and protocols for face-to-face classes.

Hygiene kits are a must

Apart from following the school’s guidelines, we also have to do our part in keeping the campus COVID-free. For one, dapat may nakahanda kang hygiene kit. Your kit should contain alcohol, wipes, soap, and an extra face mask. Having these will help mitigate the spread of the virus on-campus and at home.

Bringing a sanitizing kit alone is not the way to go– using the items is! Siguraduhing palaging nag-di-disinfect ng iyong uupuan, your lunch table, the items you frequently use, and even your classmate’s or friends hands (if they ask, of course). Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible.

As soon as you get home, disinfect your phone, ID, bag, eyeglasses (if you have one), money, shoes, and clothes. Have your home wear ready and shower immediately after arriving home. Sa ganitong paraan, your family will be safe from possible exposure to the virus.

Hand waving will do

It’s been a while since you saw your friends, and hugging them is definitely tempting. But, for everyone’s safety, waving at each other will have to do in the meantime. Not only does it minimize possible contact with the virus, but hand waving also encourages everyone to still be friendly while remaining socially-distanced

Alternatives to hand waving can be bowing or air hugs, too!

Bring your own… everything

Another way to minimize the potential spread of the virus is to bring your own, well, everything: water bottle, utensils, calculators, pens, toiletries, and paper.

We’re sure that schools and establishments have been regularly disinfecting the facilities, so let’s do our part by disinfecting them too after use for the next person. This includes the utensils and cups you’re going to use whenever you eat at the cafeteria or outside.

It’s no secret that part of school life is asking for a sheet of paper whenever the professor suddenly requires one. But, for now, it’s best to buy your own. Tigil muna saglit sa paghingi ng yellowpad paper sa katabi.

It’s okay to still do online

If you’re worried about the commute, the crowds, and other circumstances that can affect your face-to-face class experience, it’s okay to still do online classes. To add, some schools offer a hybrid classroom setup where professors teach both in-person and remote students. Maaaring mag-accommodate ng in-person students ang classes depending on the school location’s alert level status and at the same time, other students can continue doing distance learning. On your end, make sure to be engaged in your classes, nasa classroom ka man o nasa bahay.


Check out the latest list of schools that allow limited face-to-face classes in the Philippines. You can also ask your schools whether they support a hybrid learning setup. This way, you have the option of going to school or continuing your learning at home.

Whether you’re attending on-campus classes or distance learning, there are ways your university administrator can help out, especially with distance learning. What matters is you get the best out of the incoming year, whether it be at home or on your campus.

Written by: Camille Legaspi, Bukas Blog, March 2022

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Careers at Riverside College


Start your career in the Home of 21st Century Global Leaders & Professionals

We are looking for committed teachers to be part of our Faculty for the First Semester of A.Y. 2021-2022 in the following areas:


COLLEGIAN FESTIVAL, A Showcase of Possibilities

Riverside College is privileged to have student leaders who are creative and innovative enough to come up with the first ever Collegian Festival with the theme “Meta: Resilience of the Collegian Spirit Amidst Change” last March 25-27. Everything had to be done online and the possibilities were just limitless as talents and skills were showcased.

Day 1 started with a Holy Mass, an Opening Ceremony, pre-games of the E-Sports, Online Selling,  Literary-Musical Competitions and Multimedia Events. Day 2 had the Semi-Final round for the E-sports, Film Viewing, and the activities sponsored by The Riverside Collegian (TRC) such as the Poster Making, Online Literary Writing Contest, Digital Art and Slogan Making competition. Day 3 had the Final Round for E-Sports, an Advocacy Fair and the Awarding and Closing Ceremonies. A cultural concert featuring the Riverside Dance Troupe and the Pax Christi Choir capped the activities.

The cooperation of all the College and Senior High School students, the leadership of the Officers, and the support of the Advisers and Moderators of the Riverside Student Government, Riverside Supreme Student Government, TRC, Campus Ministry and other Campus Organizations contributed to the success of the Collegian Festival. Indeed, the resilience of the collegian spirit emerged amidst change.



The Covid-19 pandemic situation here in our country has challenged our mental health and well-being as the number of cases is rising sharply. People are becoming anxious, nervous, and scared of themselves. That is why staying sane in these troubled times is such a challenge. What we can do now is figure out how to be rational while still being able to function in our daily lives. One way to keep us sane is to stay safe and be informed. Keeping ourselves safe by taking precautions like wearing a mask, observing social distancing, maintaining our physical and mental health, and receiving our Covid-19 vaccines. We can always be informed by watching the news about Covid updates, reading posts and articles, or simply by scrolling through our social media accounts. Covid cases are on the rise in Bacolod and nearby cities and municipalities, causing our entire body to react in fear and anxiety. Hence, promoting mental health awareness is very important these days.

According to the Department of Health, vaccines have already arrived in the Philippines. In partnership with the local governments, the national government will collaborate to ensure that the vaccines reach those who need them the most. Because vaccines are limited, the Department of Health has released guidelines for who should be vaccinated with the Covid-19 shots first. Workers in Frontline Health Services, Senior Citizens, Persons with Comorbidities, and Frontline personnel in essential sectors, including uniformed personnel, are the ones to be vaccinated first. The local government unit will arrange for the registration and scheduling of their vaccination. Covid 19 Vaccination is the most effective health-prevention strategy currently available to combat this pandemic. Riverside College, Inc. and Riverside Medical Center Inc. contributed to the rollout of these vaccines. Earlier this month, RCI opened its doors for a school-based vaccination in collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center Task Force (EOC-RF) of Bacolod City through Dr. Chris Sorongon, the Deputy for Medical Data and Analysis. He also gave Riverside College Covid 19 updates on Vaccination Program to the RCI Faculty last March 25. In line with the vaccination program, Dr. Sorongon recognized the contributions of RMCI and RCI to the city. He also encouraged everyone to be more vigilant, especially with the rising cases again in the province.

Riverside College values and cares for its community, especially during times like this when everything appears to be a blur. A webinar was conducted last April 15, 2021, by Dr. Chris Sorongon, in which he provided an informative orientation regarding the vaccination roadmap and program to the students of Riverside College via Microsoft Teams. This online educational campaign aims to raise awareness among the residents of Bacolod about the importance of vaccination and how this can mitigate the surge of COVID-19 cases in the city. Included in the discussion was a detailed idea of who is eligible for the vaccination, how to register and avail the vaccine, and the comprehensive safety protocols and programs that would be observed. Dr. Sorongon concluded the webinar with the note, “It is our social responsibility to be vaccinated, and it is one of the best contributions that we can give to our family and the society.”




             RCI AND PANASIATIC: Partners in Learning Continuity

Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you, I am sure that everyone has heard of it. This is true. Nowadays, those who have completed college or hold a degree are more likely to be given greater opportunities than those who haven’t. However, we cannot ignore the fact that not everyone has the means and other resources to have it. Last February 17, Riverside College, Inc. and Panasiatic Call Centers, Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement for Call Center Agents who wish to pursue a college degree. Their partnership is part of the Work and Study Program that Riverside College, Inc. is initiating. The program aims to ensure continuity of learning for the current and future employees of Panasiatic Call Centers, Inc. especially those who have graduated from Senior High School and opted to work instead of pursuing a college degree for lack of resources.

The program is envisioned to help working students given the flexibility in class schedules and tuition fee requirements. This will also provide the students with lifelong experiences as they are given the opportunity to expose themselves to the actual world of work while studying. During the Memorandum of Agreement signing, representatives from Riverside College, Inc. and Panasiatic. The team from RCI was headed by Mr. Samuel Z. Lee (College President), and along with him were Dr. Michelle M. Saplada (Vice President for Academic Affairs), Mr. Virgilio Tan (Academic Manager), Ms. Sarah Monica Esguerra-Agana (Program Head for the College of Business and Entrepreneurship) and Ms. Beatrice Angela Erbite (Planning Officer). The following key persons of Panasiatic came in full force to support the said event: Ms. Siony Hijara-Ferraris (Site Director/General Manager), Mr. Rogie Mark Arceñas (Operations Director), Mr. Antonio Jose Ferraris (Recruitment Manager), Mr. Alain Fideles Pilar (Recruitment Manager) and Ms. Theresa Sase (Sourcing Officer).

The Work and Study Program, which RCI has initiated, is intended to assist families of students who wish to send their children to school but cannot do so due to financial constraints. The success of this partnership now rests in the hands of the students who have been given the opportunity to study while working. If they have any questions about the courses that they can take while working, they can simply visit https://riverside.edu.ph/ and find out more information there.

Another Milestone for the College of Physical Therapy of Riverside College


The Riverside College, Inc. offers a program in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. It is a five-year program that aims to train experts who have leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills in rehabilitation therapy and patient management. It promotes optimal health and function by providing services that develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability, for people at any stage of life, when their movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors. The program culminates in a one-year comprehensive internship program that allows students to work within the health spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment or intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation, supervised by licensed professionals. However, due to the global pandemic, students’ exposure to different training sites for their internship programs has been hampered. But luckily here at Riverside College, as we continue to seek excellence through our tech-savvy facilities and innovative educational processes, a Rehabilitation Clinic has been prepared by the College of Physical Therapy for their students.


Amidst the pandemic, the College of Physical Therapy still celebrated another milestone as it opens its Physical Therapy (PT) Rehab Clinic at the Ground Floor of the Annex Building last February 4, 2021. The clinic is known to have a complete and modern facility with Virtual-Reality Simulations. Through the availability of this kind of clinic that Riverside College offers, this will allow their students to to simulate actual laboratory experiences even if they are just inside the school’s premises. Students can also address their needs to gain that clinical and experiential confidence that will give them an edge over other Physical Therapy graduates. Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy College Dean, Dr. Jair Kimri P. Jingco, in his welcome message, shared his thoughts on the purpose of the Rehab Clinic as a venue for student interns to develop more passion and energy in dealing with their patients. Dr. Jingco emphasized the importance of developing students who will not just see their patients as mere cases but rather as individuals who deserve the treatment needed to reduce pain and restore their strength and mobility. The Rehab Clinic will also serve as a venue for students to address and enrich themselves in Research and Community Extension engagement programs and priorities.  The blessing of the Rehab Clinic was conducted by Rev. Fr, Giovanni Garde, former Coordinator of the PT Department in the presence of Riverside College President Mr. Samuel Z. Lee, VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Michelle M. Saplada, other Officers and the Faculty of the College of Physical Therapy.

The Riverside College community expressed gratitude to its administration, as well as to the officers, faculty, and staff of the College of Physical Therapy, for their efforts to continuously provide a safe learning environment for its students. Indeed, learning continues beyond the walls of physical and virtual classrooms.


Answering the Call for January 2021 Flood Victims

               The year 2021 opened with flash floods in most parts of Northern Negros.  Infrastructures and houses were destroyed, crops and livestock were wiped out, and some lives were even lost.

              As socially responsible individuals, the RCI community gathered their resources to come up with health care packs for the victims of the flood.  A number of RCI employees and students from Talisay, E.B. Magalona, Silay, Victorias and Cadiz were among those who have been affected. The RSG and RSSG Student Leaders delivered personally care packages with grocery items and mineral water to the affected students. RCI employees claimed their share of health care packs from the Research and Extension Office.  RCI was also able to extend help to affected residents of Silay and Victorias through the Social Mobilization Team of the Department of Education-Silay and the Kaayong Lawas Hospital in Victorias City.

                To all those who answered the call to share, thank you so much. May God bless the kindness and generosity of your heart for giving love, care and hope to our colleagues, students and brothers and sisters in the community.