A Radiologic Technologist only stays inside his/her own department.  A Radiologic Technologist is a person who moves around the hospital to take x-rays and other imaging images. One also interacts and work with other health care professionals along the line or work. There are mobile x-ray units where the technician can go to another location as needed. 
A Radiologic Technologist just needs to work by the book.   Critical Thinking is essential in this field since not all patients have the same variables in cases that can alter the usual procedure. A understanding and adaptability is expected of a Radiologic Technologist. 
All forms of radiation are harmful.  Radiation is part of the environment, and one is exposed to it daily; the ones used for medical purpose is less in comparison and is more beneficial than not. 
The field of radiologic technology is stagnant.  As technology is continuously developing, Radiologic Technology is growing in the process as well. Modalities are evolving and new machines and related devices get made and the workers are trained to be adaptable to such situations. 
The thing done by Radiologic Technologists is only to operate machines and nothing else.  Radiologic Technologists are well-versed in a variety of areas relevant to procedures done in the field, such as proper care and management of patients. They also have an understanding of anatomy and different imaging techniques. 
X-ray procedures cause infertility.  Protective measures are provided during procedures, and as reviewed by RSNA, the risk towards fertility on both sexes is essentially zero. 
One can get cancer because of exposure to x-rays.  The radiation received during an x-ray procedure is comparative to what one can receive from the environmental exposure, and certain scenarios like traveling through plane provides you with higher amount of radiation. 
All equipment used by Radiologic Technologists emit x-rays.  There are modalities that do not produce x-rays, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which produces radiofrequency, and Ultrasound Machine which emits ultrasonic sound waves 
Radiologic Technologists can only work in a hospital.  There are field to choose from it is mainly divided into diagnostic and therapeutic areas. One can also choose to be a specialist, or an expert on the use of a specific machine. There are also opportunities in the industrial, veterinary, research, and dental radiography fields.
Radiologic Technologists can interpret the taken images. In a doctor’s office, radiologists fulfill this role in the healthcare delivery system. But Radiologic technologists are not doctors they support physicians and radiologists by obtain necessary images and performing radiation therapy and related operations in order to assure accurate diagnosis and treatment.