Community Engagement is necessary to ensure that members of the community participate and contribute meaningfully to activities that can benefit those involved.

This Academic Year 2020-2021, Riverside College, Inc. continues to strengthen its partnership with Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) through the implementation of Community Engagement Programs.

A Memorandum of Agreement between the two schools was signed last October 27, 2020 by Mr. Samuel Z. Lee of RCI and Mr. Mario S. Amaca of NOHS.

RCI will conduct monthly activities with NOHS through the competence and specialization of the faculty and students from the different colleges and departments. For the month of November, the College of Physical Therapy and College of Nursing will share video clip materials they have prepared on Proper Ergonomic Exercises and Handwashing Techniques respectively.

NOHS confirmed their support on the participation of their faculty and students to the activities that may be extended to them by RCI. Gracing the event during the MOA signing were representatives from NOHS, Ms. Vivien Dator (Admin Officer), Ms. Milagros Abanales (Asst. Principal for Junior HS), and Ms. Donna Bella Aposaga (Asst. Principal for Senior HS); and, from RCI, Dr. Michelle Saplada (VPAA), Dr. Ervie Gallespen (Director for Research and Extension), Ms. Beatrice Angela Erbite (Planning Officer) and Ms. Sarah Monica Esguerra (CEM Faculty).