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Riverside College places a high value on excellence in all of its endeavors. That is why the Riverside College community is proud to have students who are both hardworking and intelligent and who strive to achieve academic excellence. In recognition of their accomplishments, the Faculty and Staff of the Grade 12 Department are pleased to present you with a list of their students who have received academic awards during the First Quarter of this academic year. 

The Criteria of awarding for academic honors would be classified into three categories; the “With Honors” with an average of 90-94 and with no grades below 80, the “With High Honors” with an average of 95-97, and no grades below 85 and lastly the “With Highest Honors” with the total average of 98-100 and no grades below 90.

Name Strand Section Award
Aguihon, Jasper Samante STEM LYNX-1 With High Honors
Aliguin, Ni-an Heart Son STEM LIBRA-1 With High Honors
Anaud, Alliah Polvorido STEM GEMINI-1 With High Honors
Borgonia, Judy Dorimon STEM COLUMBA-1 With High Honors
Buenconcejo, Stephen Pijo STEM PERSEUS-1 With High Honors
Caballero, Melcharm Alcosaba STEM COLUMBA-2 With High Honors
Dingcong, Rixienne Jan Alasagas STEM COLUMBA-1 With High Honors
Embac, Sarah Mae Veñegas STEM PERSEUS-1 With High Honors
Flores, Angel Mae Saspa STEM COLUMBA-1 With High Honors
Flores, Yvonne Tiñgal STEM CARINA-1 With High Honors
Framo, Alfie Dyeron STEM CARINA-1 With High Honors
Geraldo, Cygil Francine Plomina STEM PERSEUS-1 With High Honors
Laetzel, Jemimah Keziah Tortal STEM COLUMBA-1 With High Honors
Lombre, Leonard Montero STEM LIBRA-2 With High Honors
Pandan, Julio Raphael Barandino STEM PHOENIX-1 With High Honors
Peroja, Antonette Joy Castronuevo STEM COLUMBA-1 With High Honors
Santillan, Norlan Dave Babera STEM LIBRA-2 With High Honors
Tonico, Jherie Lee Lagos STEM COLUMBA-2 With High Honors
Tortusa, Karla Mae Dua STEM LIBRA-1 With High Honors
Trayfalgar, Trisha May Padilla STEM LIBRA-2 With High Honors
Vertosio, Jeedwn Suwin Marquiño STEM GEMINI-1 With High Honors
Name Strand Section Award
Abanilla, Jinky Medez STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Abkilan, Jose Marie Iii Tabingo ABM CENTAURUS-1 With Honors
Agbayani, Justin Maryjoy Yanguas STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Agravante, Jeavon Kyle Jumawan STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Aguillon, Aira Angela Mae Gelladuga STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Aizpuru, Luis Miguel Piccio STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Alag, Lian Jun Delos Santos STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Albastro, Jane STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Alfonso, Joan Maxene Zabala STEM PERSEUS-1 With Honors
Alvarez, Justine Marie Mediodia STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Alvarez, Sheena May Antonares STEM PHOENIX-2 With Honors
Amoyon, Aika Agnes Jover STEM GEMINI-1 With Honors
Arañas, Sharys Galagate STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Arquisola, Archie Lim STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Asparin, Kezia Marie Garde STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Badilla, Angel Delloso STEM CORVUS-1 With Honors
Baguioro, Eugene Tan STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Baldado, Joshua Desales STEM PERSEUS-2 With Honors
Balitor, Glovin Adrian Vasquez STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Bañas, Shyne Babac STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Barcuma, Jullia Rhea Sante STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Barnuevo, Kara Francheska Eguid STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Barredo, Martha Sofia Palermo STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Bautista, Allysa Mae Jardio STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Belasa, Denzelle Joy Labanero STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Bernal, Ma. Katreena Paccial STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Berte, Angel Mae Lima HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Bionat, Felhamer Villaret STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Biscocho, Marion Andrew Benetua STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Burgos, Chris Adrian Bernal STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Bustos, Christine Recibido STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Cabalfin, Edda Mae Mongcal HE AMETRINE-2 With Honors
Caceres, Mariane Dominguez HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Calvez, Daniela STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Cariño, Angel Joy Ponteras STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Carma, John Paul Laurilla ICT CITRINE-1 With Honors
Carmona, Kyla Marie Javelosa STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Cartel, Adrian Louis Latido STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Carumba, Dencel Alegada STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Castor, Ishi Javines HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Castro, Kylee Michael Oliverio ICT CITRINE-1 With Honors
Cataluña, Cailah Althea Cardinal ABM CENTAURUS-1 With Honors
Chavez, Arah Faith Berja STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Cirenio, Trisha Neil Sarmen STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Conrada, Ariane Marie Becerial STEM PERSEUS-1 With Honors
Cordevilla, Kyla Marie Ong STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Corpez, Johvanne Rae Soriano STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Corpus, Arc Gabriel Juayong HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Cuento, Angel Marie Brillantes STEM PERSEUS-1 With Honors
De La Peña, Mijarah Janine Amedo STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
De La Torre, Grace Membrido STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
De Leon, Charm Baquilod STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
De Leon, Sky Jeesrylle Basa STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
De Ramas, Frey Rose Batacao STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Dela Cruz, Ernest Zachary Michael STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Deocampo, Julianah Yzabelle Teomale STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Deriada, Claire Marie Abselica STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Dewara, Jia Marylet Guntalidad STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Diente, Nicole Anne Bajos STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Dilag, Angelie Balinas STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Diongson, Christine Totol STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Dollosa, Genesis Ellene Fernandez HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Dumapias, Michael Tayactac STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Echalar, Mariane Alvior STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Encinares, Margareth Minguillo HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Escaran, John Mark Cordova STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Española, Ivan Zeus Balinas STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Espeja, Trisha Minguillo HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Etchon, Julliana Marie Gellera STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Ewarata, Beatriz Kim Monotilla STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Facinabao, Madelyn Gallego STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Fajardo, Xyraine Mansalon HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Fallaria, Christal Gift Morales STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Fernandez, Kristine Subradil STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Flores, Jaleah Rose Factorin STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Flores, Stephanie Deanne Diomo STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Flores, Tulips Faye Labrador STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Fuentebella, Karylle Yzabelle Mitchell STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Fuentes, Vanessa Rollo STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Funo-an, Felicia Mae Guion STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Gabuya, Jasmine Rose Quilla STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Gamboa, Janoah Kiane Marquiño HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Garbanzos, Reggie Mae Lobrido STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Garlet, Elimar Joy Claro HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Gayares, Kaneesha Khyns Padua STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Gella, Althea Pacon HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Genolos, Ronest Angel Navarro STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Gilay, Karla Jean Semeniano STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Gio, Keith Edullantes STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Go Que, Sahm Bernadette Cha STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Gonzales, Sofia Chamel Distura HE AMETRINE-1 With Honors
Grijaldo, Ruth Ann Gutierrez ICT CITRINE-1 With Honors
Guadalupe, Sariah Gidor STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Guarino, Ana Mariel Semilla STEM PERSEUS-2 With Honors
Guevara, Sheena Dela Cruz STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Guilleguitan, Marianne Quinit STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Guinabo, Justin Nicole Baje HE AMETRINE-1 With Honors
Herbolario, Shyne Bilbar STEM PHOENIX-2 With Honors
Intela, Ashley Nicole Romal STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Irisary, Jeraldine Sales STEM PERSEUS-1 With Honors
Java, Ethel Marie Hibionada STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Jomok, Queenalyn Lopez STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Jorolan, Michael ABM CENTAURUS-1 With Honors
Labanza, Candice Dingcong STEM PERSEUS-2 With Honors
Lacson, Marianne Nestine Susanne Palma STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Lanzar, Icy Mae Ationg ICT CITRINE-1 With Honors
Launio, Kim Vivas HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Laurezo, Zen Ruchie Claro STEM CORVUS-1 With Honors
Lazaro, Julie Ann Cantancio STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Legalde, Zebediah Yvanna Silverio HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Legario, Khyle Andrea Baluran STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Legaspi, Clarissa Marie Villanueva STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Lemery, Karylle Audrey Laybon STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Leyson, Jazmagne Cordova STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Libo-on, Ara Mae Nava STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Libo-on, Daniella Marie Caramelo STEM PERSEUS-2 With Honors
Macaya, Edmund Theodore Delgado STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Magbanua, Andrea Joy Tañagras STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Magtulis, John Lloyd Mejer STEM PHOENIX-2 With Honors
Mariblanca, Mary Junielyn Monroe STEM CORVUS-1 With Honors
Mariveles, Gladys Mae Cano STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Mendoza, Chelsea Denise Bacariza STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Mengullo, Julianna STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Meñoso, Jan Eunice Abierde STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Miranda, Kristian Drazen Alameda STEM CORVUS-1 With Honors
Miravalles, Cherilyn Eloise Costoya STEM PHOENIX-2 With Honors
Mission, Nicole Pontenegra HE AMETRINE-2 With Honors
Monibet, Karla Althea Fausto STEM GEMINI-1 With Honors
Monieva, Clark John Alib ICT CITRINE-1 With Honors
Montes, Dawn Javen Pilarta ABM CENTAURUS-1 With Honors
Montorio, Sharmaine Klowie Cabantog STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Muyco, Azel Ahian Banggay STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Natividad, Jesiryl Babiera STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Navales, Ellysa Grace Guadalupe STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Neones, Nathalia Mahilum STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Niepes, Kylene Rufino STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Noble, Rowena Cadaydayon HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Nobleza, Michaela Allenaire Mancera STEM GEMINI-1 With Honors
Olita, Renee Antonette Nonepara HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Opao, Diane Grace Estayan STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Orquia, Meriyah Edzyle STEM GEMINI-1 With Honors
Pabiona, Joanna Kate Defensor ABM CENTAURUS-1 With Honors
Pactao, Kimberly Mana-ay STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Paligumba, Jerel Hope Belleza STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Palma, Charm Nobleza STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Panado, Jairenne Faye Balzomo STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Panes, Alexa Daphne Canieso STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Panganiban, Krisanta Mae Fernandez STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Pineda, Nikka Aira Moral STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Piojo, Love Joy Alic STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Plandres, Alysa Rose Osumo STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Plomeda, Ayesska Leoni Ciudad STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Quezon, Deniel Alasagas STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Quimba, Rojan Feb Cortez STEM PHOENIX-2 With Honors
Rama, Camille Rose Portilla STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Rama, Jan Marie Floreno STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Relota, Reeve Jairo Dollete STEM PHOENIX-2 With Honors
Resquites, Maria Lucille Estrobo STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors
Retoya, Ana Marie Sintor STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Rivera, Jyllan Durog STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Robete, Moses Dolleno STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Robles, Lavern Facundo ICT CITRINE-1 With Honors
Rodriguez, Rona Faith Lavadia STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Saligbon, Jayne Gwyneth Villacorteza STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Salinas, Missy Alegato STEM LYNX-2 With Honors
Salo, Marace Joyamao STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Samillano, Jihan Toleco STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Samson, Rose Jean Baldon STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Sanchez, Jira Manglar STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Sandoval, Kezziah Lavergas STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Santibañez, Karl Deodoco HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Santillan, Jerson Maquiran STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Santillana, Natasha Nicole Fernandez STEM PERSEUS-2 With Honors
Saplagio, Rory Gabrielle Villanueva STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Saulda, Franz Marielle Canja STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Saynes, Lucy Ann Rosareal STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Sayson, Reyven John Tubongbanua HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Seasol, Kryzha Crisseth Maaslum HUMSS AQUILA-1 With Honors
Selga, Ephraim Justine Vicente STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Sicuana, Allyza Denise Lachica STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Sobrepeña, Jenelle Marie Evidente STEM PERSEUS-2 With Honors
Soldevilla, John Roger Labetoria STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Solidarios, Ma. Shekinah Rose Montuya STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Soqueña, Arabella Tyeisha Jenise Guadalupe HUMSS AQUILA-2 With Honors
Soquiña, Kylenne Ezra Sison STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Suacito, Jessa Mae Hitalla STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Suganob, Perlyn Joy Llaguno STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Susmiran, Leazyl Joyce Lavadia STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Tabay, Kirby Neil Magallanes STEM CORVUS-1 With Honors
Tañares, April Mae Parcon HE AMETRINE-1 With Honors
Tanatan, Laryn Legayada STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Tarrosa, Danielle Javelosa STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Templado, Hyra Mae Fajardo STEM URSA-2 With Honors
Teruel, Cristy May Martinez STEM CORVUS-2 With Honors
Tinosan, Krisandra Guanzon STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors
Tiples, Micah Andrea Ilustre STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Toldo, Darlene Grace Andrino STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Tolentino, Eziah Marfil STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Trabadillo, Aiza Mae General STEM COLUMBA-1 With Honors
Tuvida, Irene Mae Baisa STEM LYNX-1 With Honors
Umbao, John Fritz Raman STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Uy, Khristine Lucelle Chua STEM CARINA-1 With Honors
Vaflor, Krisensha Arroyo STEM LIBRA-2 With Honors
Valderrama, Christine Marie Villanueva STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors
Varela, Ritch Angel Dimson STEM CARINA-2 With Honors
Vargas, Armie Caryl Serie STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Villaflor, Cathrina Dolar STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Villagracia, Jessica Dannielle Alabia STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Villanueva, Alyanna Joyce Buenaventura STEM PHOENIX-1 With Honors
Villaret, John Frankie Eslopor STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Villarico, Angela STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors
Viñas, Anne Gabrielle Tambo STEM URSA-1 With Honors
Abanilla, Jinky Medez STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors
Abkilan, Jose Marie Iii Tabingo ABM CENTAURUS-2 With Honors

                                            Collegians, Congratulations on your well-deserved success!