The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged educational institutions to a paradigm shift. As teachers prepare for the so-called online learning, will there really be a change in the method of instruction? Or is it just the modality that will change? How will schools ensure that there will be continuity despite the changes in the academic realm? Riverside College gears up to get REAL and get CONNECTED this AY 2020- 2021 with Resources and Experiences for Active Learning. Students will be connected to a wide array of online and on-site resources that will bring them to a higher level of experiential and active learning.

Students will be connected to learning applications supported by digital library resources and services. Teachers will be challenged to create the most engaging environment for these “Generation Z” students whose lives have been so comfortable in their “online space.” This virtual space has captured students’ time and attention. They express themselves and connect with friends online. They update with the latest news online. They develop and upgrade their skills online. They create and sell their crafts online. They do so much in their “online space” making it more than just a place of learning but of living.

On-site resources will include the availability of complete laboratory facilities for the enriching hands-on experiences of the students either in the clinical or industrial settings. Teachers are excited to deliver instruction through different modes of learning: online (e-learning), face to face (residential learning), or a combination of both online and face to face (integrative learning).

In Riverside College, students will be actively engaged in the learning process. This can be challenging but it is achievable. By getting REAL and getting CONNECTED, RCI graduates will not only improve their competencies but they are expected to become better versions of themselves.