Riverside College opened its Online Classes last August 17. Online Learning can be synchronous or asynchronous.

In synchronous, teaching and learning take place in real-time. In asynchronous, modules are given and tasks are expected for students to accomplish at their own pace. The method is actually new for most teachers. There were challenges encountered during the first two weeks but there were also a lot of worthwhile experiences.

Mr. Ariel Patria, the new Principal for Senior High School shares what transpired since the opening of AY 2020-2021. “Our first two weeks focused on navigation and building up the relationships among our Senior High School students and teachers. We had the General Student Orientation, the Virtual Classroom Orientation, and the Subject Orientation. Teachers are generally adjusting to the new modality but everybody is coping well because of the support that we have for each other. Teachers make themselves available even on extended hours.”

Some of the teachers in Riverside College also shared their “First Day High” experiences with Online Teaching.

“In general, it was okay. Students had difficulty in their connectivity and my greatest concern is the inability of the students to navigate MS Teams. Most of them are using mobile gadgets so they find it difficult to submit assignments online. I send links to my students in order for them to have access to their tasks.” – P. Solatorio (The Contemporary World)

“I find it a little challenging. I do not have much of a problem with the technical issues. My concern is how I am able to organize and fulfill my tasks for the week.” – N.Dusaran (Purposive Communication)

“It created an opportunity for me to innovate and be creative but at the same time there was a bit of uncertainty with regards to the success of my delivery.” – R. Buena (Religious Education and Ethics)

“The experience is different but it is generally okay except for the slow internet connection of some students. I am overwhelmed with the almost perfect attendance of my students who were all very interactive. I find it fulfilling to be able to do my tasks in educating my students in the midst of adjustments and time management.” – A. Libo-on (Purposive Communication)

“Conducting my online classes was really exciting because I managed to navigate Microsoft Teams with flying colors. It really marked my 36th year of teaching!” – M. Garin (Computer-Aided Language Learning)

“It was amazing! I was able to explain the concepts clearly and I was able to make my students understand the lesson. Students were very interactive and they were all able to adapt easily.”-J.Pagunsan (Mathematics in the Modern World)

The challenge of this sudden shift to technology-enabled forms of teaching is real. The only way to survive this global reality is to embrace it rather than resist it.

Congratulations to all our teachers at Riverside College! You have taken the risk and you have thrived to survive the first two weeks of classes.