The future is bright for Call Center Agents who would like to pursue a College Degree. A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between Riverside College, Inc. and Panasiatic Call Centers, Inc. last February 17. The partnership is part of the Work and Study Program that RCI is initiating. The program aims to ensure continuity of learning for the current and future employees of Panasiatic especially those who have graduated from Senior High School and opted to work instead of pursuing a college degree for lack of resources. The program is envisioned to help working students given the flexibility in class schedules [...]


Another Milestone for the College of Physical Therapy of Riverside College


The College of Physical Therapy celebrates another milestone as it opens its Physical Therapy (PT) Rehab Clinic today, Feb. 4, 2021 located inside the campus of Riverside College. Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy College Dean, Dr. Jair Kimri P. Jingco, in his welcome message, shared his thoughts on the purpose of the Rehab Clinic as a venue for student interns to develop more passion and energy in dealing with their patients. Dr. Jingco emphasized the importance of developing students who will not just see their patients as mere cases but rather as individuals who deserve the treatment needed to reduce [...]

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Answering the Call for January 2021 Flood Victims


               The year 2021 opened with flash floods in most parts of Northern Negros.  Infrastructures and houses were destroyed, crops and livestock were wiped out, and some lives were even lost.               As socially responsible individuals, the RCI community gathered their resources to come up with health care packs for the victims of the flood.  A number of RCI employees and students from Talisay, E.B. Magalona, Silay, Victorias and Cadiz were among those who have been affected. The RSG and RSSG Student Leaders delivered personally care packages with grocery items [...]

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Learning Adjustments in Online Classes by Mr. Mark Ortibano, RPm, MSPsy, RPsy, CDR


Hacks and Tips Study by Chunks Remember it is school, not Facebook (turn off notifications and minimize destructions) Participate Create space Know your learning style Set realistic expectations Planning is the key (Feel free to communicate with your professors) “Balikan ang hugot” (Go back to your primary purpose or your source of motivation to study and pursue your career) Take a Break The power of “YET” (Acknowledge your limitations but let it be for the moment.)

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RCI is Ready for the 4 Es


In its pursuit to continually seek strategies to help students gain a complete understanding of new concepts introduced to them, Mr. Ariel Patria (SHS Principal) and Ms. Marbie Villanueva (Psychology Department Program Head) were tasked to explore different Learning Models suited to the specific needs of Riverside Collegians. After a thorough investigation of existing models, and with some modifications and trials made, RCI has finally come up with its own 4Es Learning Model effective this 2nd Semester.  This consists of a set order of events that would facilitate learning and these are Engage, Explore, Extend and Evaluate. Engage is focused on [...]

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We are One in 2021!


We have plenty of reasons to say goodbye to the year 2020 and all the pain it has wrought. It has caused so much darkness and depression, hopelessness and oppression. But, we also have enough reason to be grateful for the lessons learned and the opportunities that 2020 has brought.      A new year is upon us. As we face this new decade, there may be uncertainties but there are new trends to adjust to, new habits to manage, new lifestyles to embrace, and new opportunities to grab.         There may be a lot of changes in systems and processes, in [...]

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Grade 11 1st Quarter Academic Awardees A.Y. 2020-2021


Name Strand Section Award Abagat, Catherine Sarsaba HE KUNZITE-1 With Honors Aglobo, Isaac Alcuizar STEM ALEXANDRITE-2 With Honors Aguilar, Lajon Ploteña HUMSS OPAL-1 With Honors Alacapa, Mary Joyce Agosto STEM AMBER-2 With Honors Alfonso, Ken Benedict Naron STEM DIAMOND-1 With Honors Ancheta, Trisha Rose Lucer STEM ALEXANDRITE-2 With High Honors Apdo, Charmaine Tan STEM ALEXANDRITE-1 With Honors Araneta, Angelie Nichole Janeo STEM DIAMOND-1 With Honors Arevalo, Christelle Geonanga STEM ALEXANDRITE-2 With High Honors Atadero, Juliana Maricon Sufrir STEM GARNET-2 With Honors Baal, Marielle Nicole Lamayo STEM JASPER-1 With Honors Bajello, Alyssa May Villanueva STEM DIAMOND-1 With Honors Balgos, Robbie Joy Villacorteza [...]

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Grade 12 1st Quarter Academic Awardees A.Y. 2020 – 2021


Name Strand Section Award Abanilla, Jinky Medez STEM PICTOR-1 With Honors Abkilan, Jose Marie Iii Tabingo ABM CENTAURUS-1 With Honors Agbayani, Justin Maryjoy Yanguas STEM COLUMBA-2 With Honors Agravante, Jeavon Kyle Jumawan STEM GEMINI-2 With Honors Aguihon, Jasper Samante STEM LYNX-1 With High Honors Aguillon, Aira Angela Mae Gelladuga STEM PICTOR-2 With Honors Aizpuru, Luis Miguel Piccio STEM LIBRA-1 With Honors Alag, Lian Jun Delos Santos STEM CARINA-1 With Honors Albastro, Jane STEM LYNX-2 With Honors Alfonso, Joan Maxene Zabala STEM PERSEUS-1 With Honors Aliguin, Ni-an Heart Son STEM LIBRA-1 With High Honors Alvarez, Justine Marie Mediodia STEM LYNX-1 With Honors [...]

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Careers at Riverside College


Make a difference by empowering the next generation of global leaders and professionals. We are accepting applicants for the following positions:

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RCI Strengthens Partnership with NOHS


Community Engagement is necessary to ensure that members of the community participate and contribute meaningfully to activities that can benefit those involved. This Academic Year 2020-2021, Riverside College, Inc. continues to strengthen its partnership with Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) through the implementation of Community Engagement Programs. A Memorandum of Agreement between the two schools was signed last October 27, 2020 by Mr. Samuel Z. Lee of RCI and Mr. Mario S. Amaca of NOHS. RCI will conduct monthly activities with NOHS through the competence and specialization of the faculty and students from the different colleges and departments. For the month [...]

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