RCI Strengthens Partnership with NOHS


Community Engagement is necessary to ensure that members of the community participate and contribute meaningfully to activities that can benefit those involved. This Academic Year 2020-2021, Riverside College, Inc. continues to strengthen its partnership with Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) through the implementation of Community Engagement Programs. A Memorandum of Agreement between the two schools was signed last October 27, 2020 by Mr. Samuel Z. Lee of RCI and Mr. Mario S. Amaca of NOHS. RCI will conduct monthly activities with NOHS through the competence and specialization of the faculty and students from the different colleges and departments. For the month [...]

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Learning Continues for GK Smile Elementary School


The Community Extension Office (CEO) extends its heartfelt appreciation to those who participated in the Bondpaper Drive during the month of August. Riverside College employees responded to the call and gathered their resources to ensure that learning continue for the students of RCI’s partner community school. Ten reams of bond paper were collected and these were all handed over by Mr. Warter Jong of the CEO to GK Smile in Murcia last September 17. The bond papers for the printing of Learning Modules were received by Ms. Lucia E. Resquitos of GK Smile Village and Ms. Helen S. Mendoza of GK [...]

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Celebrating the Heroes of Virtual Instruction


As the world celebrates Teachers’ Day on October 5, we recognize the efforts made by these modern heroes of online teaching and remote learning. These teachers were tasked to make an emergency shift to virtual instruction. These teachers have not been prepared for the challenges of COVID-19. After almost two months of thriving in the digital environment, some RCI teachers share their experiences on how they have confidently managed to survive the challenges they have encountered. “Online classes need extra effort and patience. You need to motivate yourself everyday to love your students. You need to understand their differences, why they [...]

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First Day High For Teachers in RCI


Riverside College opened its Online Classes last August 17. Online Learning can be synchronous or asynchronous. Ín synchronous, teaching and learning takes place in real time. In asynchronous, modules are given and tasks are expected for students to accomplish at their own pace. The method is actually new for most of the teachers. There were challenges encountered during the first two weeks but there were also a lot of worthwhile experiences. Mr. Ariel Patria, the new Principal for Senior High School shares what transpired since the opening of AY 2020-2021. “Our first two weeks focused on navigation and building up the [...]

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Faculty Prepares to Boost Student Engagement


Online Teaching is not better nor worse than Face to Face instruction. Online Teaching is just simply different. It presents significant challenges to both the teacher and the students. The RCI Faculty are geared up to embrace the complexities involved in this Online Teaching, a great shift in the delivery of instruction. The Faculty have been keeping themselves busy with the revision of their syllabi and the creation of their Modules for the Integrative Kit for Learning. Online Teaching however is not just about the equipment and materials needed nor the supporting references to meet the Intended Learning Outcomes. Online Teaching [...]

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COVID-19 Survivors: Stories from our Nursing Alumni


Graduates of Riverside College are practicing their profession in different parts of the world. Two of our Nursing alumni are sharing their COVID-19 stories as survivors.   Mr. Lucio Lofranco belongs to the BSN Batch 1996. He has been working with Fresenius Medical Care as a Dialysis Nurse since 2013. Here is his personal testimony of how he was able to beat the battle against COVID-19. “There were days when I felt the possibility of death especially when I went to the Emergency Room when I got so dehydrated a few days I got into the infection. My first symptoms included [...]

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Physical Therapy Alumni Share Their Stories as COVID-19 Survivors


The global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has impacted nations all over the world, affecting the well-being of many individuals. Two of our Riverside College graduates would like to share their personal experiences as healthcare providers who have acquired the virus while at work. Here are their stories and how they thrived to survive the battle against COVID-19. Sergio “Bundle” B. Andrade, Jr. belongs to the pioneer batch of Riverside College's BS in Physical Therapy program, Batch 1992. He works at The Plaza Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Mr. Andrade narrates his story: “I contracted COVID-19 while working Full-Time as a Physical Therapist [...]

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Get REAL, Get Connected!


The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged educational institutions to a paradigm shift. As teachers prepare for the so-called online learning, will there really be a change in the method of instruction? Or is it just the modality that will change? How will schools ensure that there will be continuity despite the changes in the academic realm? Riverside College gears up to get REAL and get CONNECTED this AY 2020- 2021 with Resources and Experiences for Active Learning. Students will be connected to a wide array of online and on-site resources that will bring them to a higher level of experiential and active [...]

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Adding and Withdrawing of Subjects for Summer Term A.Y. 2019-2020


Step 1: Download and fill-in the Adding/Withdrawing form and forward to your respective department. Link: Adding/Withdrawing Form College of Physical Therapy – PT@riverside.edu.ph College of Radiologic Technology – Radtech@riverside.edu.ph College of Medical Technology – Medtech@riverside.edu.ph College of Pharmacy – Pharmacy@riverside.edu.ph College of Psychology – Psych@riverside.edu.ph College of Nursing – Nursing@riverside.edu.ph College of Entrepreneurship & Management – CEM@riverside.edu.ph   Step 2: Wait for the email confirmation from your department if the form is approved or not.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Online Summer Classes


  Are the online summer classes compulsory?   No. If you’re not comfortable with online learning, you may opt to take the subjects when regular classes resume.   How were the subjects chosen for the online summer classes?  Subjects offered for the online summer  classes are the regular summer class offerings based on the curriculum of the programs. For special classes, these are subjects requested by the students and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) to be opened. All online classes for the summer are purely lecture classes.    Can I take the offered online classes from another college/department?    Yes, you may, if the class falls under General Education (GenEd) [...]

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