After almost two years of holding classes online, Riverside College welcomed back its 3rd, 4th and 5th-year students from the Colleges of Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Radiologic Technology for limited Face-to-Face classes on campus.

A simulation for the opening was conducted last February 15, 2022 and actual classes started on February 16 with the BSRT and BSPT students. The on-campus internship for the BSMT students started February 21 while for the BS Pharmacy students, February 28. The Nursing students will have their on-campus Related Learning Experience starting March 7.

Students are following the 10/4 Cyclical Model where four (4) days of classes/clinical duty are on campus while ten (10) days are spent online for flexible learning. There are 2 cycles in a month.

Students were excited to see their classmates and teachers physically but their eagerness to perform procedures in the actual setting motivated them more to come to school following the prescribed health and safety protocols.

Article from PHASES (A Newsletter of The Center of Research and Publication) March 2022