BS Radiologic Technology


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Radiology Technology: Want to know more?

BS in Radiologic Technology talks about the curiosity of what’s inside the body and what it looks like? Most of us have seen these medical health care practitioners who took x-rays of the different parts of the body most commonly on the lung area. They are called radiologic technologists.

Radiologic technology is known to be the eye of medicine because unlike other courses, you will get to see what’s in the body and the root cause of some diseases, or cases, for instance, tuberculosis, tumor, fractures, and more.

Want fun trivia? Riverside College Inc. is the only school here in Negros Occidental that offers B.S Radiologic Technology!

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My answer? Riverside College!
If you want to know more about our BS RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY program, read below!

BS in Radiologic Technology prepares students with a 4-year program inclusive of an internship. Additionally, the course focuses on applying the knowledge from the core subjects such as Radiologic Positioning and Procedures, Patient Care and Management, Imaging, and more.


As I’ve said, Radiologic Technology is considered the ‘eye of medicine’. In that case, Riverside College commits to pursuing excellence in our students. Having said, here are the Radtech goals we aspire to gain by the end of the course:

  • Perform the procedures and positioning to patients strictly with vigilance and professionalism
  • Acquire skills such as analytical skills, efficacy in oral and written communication, patient care, interpersonal skills, ethics
  • Exhibit competitiveness and excellence in carrying out the task of a radiologic technologist
  • Aware of the risk factors and human conditions and implying appropriate action to gain the best results
  • Ace high the Radiologic Technology Licensure Exam
  • Use and apply the basics foundation of Radiologic Technology such as Diagnostic Imaging, Therapeutic Applications, Anatomy, Physiology, etc.

Future and Opportunities

As mentioned, Riverside College is the only school here in Negros Occidental that offers BS Radtech. That is why we are so determined to push our students to excel and be the best that they can be. In this way, they are ready for the licensure examination and to take on their career.

Additionally, Radiologic Technology opens a lot of opportunities. For instance, you can be CT, MRI or Xray technologist or practitioner. But, mind you, you are not only limited to being a radiologic technologist alone. This is course is also open not only in the hospital and clinic setting such as but also in marketing and sales agent, as well as becoming an instructor in the academe.

So, what’s in it for me?

In a nutshell

To sum it up, BS Radiologic Technology provides intensive and comprehensive training in both academics and internships to get rad tech-ready by the end of the program. Riverside College Inc. will surely be honing and making you, the best 21st centrury global professional Radiologic Technologist!

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