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Seize the opportunity to shape your future in healthcare by enrolling in our Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program. Embark on a transformative journey to master the science of medications, cultivate vital patient care skills, and become a catalyst for improved health outcomes.

Join us and empower your dreams of making a difference as a respected and proficient pharmacist!

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a 4-year pre-med program that hones students academically. Correspondingly, the program ensures to students to acquire expertise in the Pharmacy field with an inclusive of internship program. Also, the course focuses more in major subjects, particularly in Drug Delivery Systems, Pharmacology and therapeutics, Quality Control of Drug Testing and Analysis, and more.

BS in Pharmacy: Future Awaits

As mentioned earlier, pharmacists are in-demand here in the Philippines. Every pharmacy is required to have at least one pharmacist. Therefore, we are 100% committed to imposing intense training to our students in helping them unleash their potential. Besides that, students can take up a master’s or doctorate right after finishing the program.

BS in Pharmacy in Summary

Above all, our BS in Pharmacy here in Riverside College rests assures the students to give only the best not just inside but also outside the four walls of the academic classroom. Moreover, to learn furthermore about Pharmacy here at Riverside College, watch our videos below.

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