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BS Medical Technology

BS Medical Technology

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN  MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Medical Technology: Want to know more?   Want to have a successful Medical Technology career? Want to go to Medical School because you want to become a doctor? Or, you want to be an important player of a healthcare team? Usually, people would choose BS Medical Technology. And mind …

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BS Physical Therapy

BS Physical Therapy

BS IN PHYSICAL THERAPY  BS Physical Therapy, what comes to your mind? Massage? For stroke patients only? Exercise program? These are just one of the several misconceptions when it comes to BS Physical Therapy.   BS in Physical Therapy is a medical field that trains students to become experts in helping people regain their health and mobility …

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BS Nursing

BS in Nursing

BS IN NURSING Riverside College has been synonymous with BS in Nursing since time immemorial. In Negros Occidental, when others ask where you go to college, and you answer, “Riverside College”, they usually ask, “What is your course, Nursing?” It may sound funny but there’s a history to that! Riverside College started with the Bachelor …

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BS Pharmacy

BS Pharmacy

BS IN PHARMACY   A BS in Pharmacy assist people and patients get the best from their medications. Basically, they prepare medicines, and doses with vigilance and appropriateness. That is one the responsibilities of being a pharmacist. Here in Riverside College Inc., we train students to become 21st century global professional and competent pharmacist. If …

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BS Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship What is BS Entrepreneurship? BS Entrepreneurship is the capability to create, plan, and manage a business enterprise—along with all of its uncertainties—in order to turn a profit is what is meant by entrepreneurship. Also, the  creation of new businesses or enterprises is the most prominent example of entrepreneurship. The good …

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BS Psychology

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY BS PSYCHOLOGY: A COMPREHENSIVE AND INTENSIVE COURSE Almost everyday in our daily living, we meet different people and we always get know who they are like especially when it comes to their personalities. As we get along with other people, some of us develop a strong interest in learning different …

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