Almost everyday in our daily living, we meet different people and we always get know who they are like especially when it comes to their personalities. As we get along with other people, some of us develop a strong interest in learning different behaviors and personalities. And to learn these concepts is through studying BS Psychology.

Psychology is a scientific study of the mind and behavior of a person. Also, this study also helps in gaining understanding and helps develop empathy especially when communicating with other people and dealing with various problems.

Therefore, Riverside College Inc. offers a comprehensive and intensive course to get you through all the concepts, and theories in dealing with wide variation of types of personalities and behaviors. To know more, read below for more details about our program.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a 4-year comprehensive and intensive program that focuses on theories, and concepts in understanding the mind and personalities. Also, this course focuses on Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Industrial/Social Psychology, and the like. Additionally, this course has education units and subjects for our students to be credited in taking the Licensure Exam for Teachers and for teaching after graduation.


Here in Riverside College, we make sure our students will be inspired to aspire to be 21st-century globally and excellent professionals and individuals in the field of Psychology and Education. Therefore, here are our aims after the end of the program:

  • Apply all the basic concepts, theories, and principles of different personalities and human behavior
  • Acquire the basic foundations in education subjects and apply the knowledge in the academic field
  • Demonstrate excellence in teaching
  • Develop excellence and competence in skills such as research, oral and written communication skills,analysis, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, creativity, and teaching and facilitating skills
  • Exhibit passion, competitiveness , excellence, and at same time, with humility and compassion in complying the responsibilities whether in the academe or psychology field
  • Ace the Licensure Exam for Teachers with flying colors

Brighter Future Ahead in BS Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology is not just gives you knowledge about behaviors and personalities but also provides a wide range of job opportunities after the program. Moreover, this course are open to careers such as teacher, psychometrician, psychologist, human resource, counselor, researcher, lawyer, social worker, marketing and sales, and doctor. Besides that, this is also a pre-med course and you can take up Master’s or PhD Degree right after graduation or law or medical degree.

BS Psychology Curriculum

We have provided a sneak peak of our complete course program. So, for those who wants to know more about our program, kindly click the link below to access our curriculum.


Click on the link to view the curriculum of the program.

BS Psychology as a whole

To sum it up, Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Riverside College Inc.  implements intensive training in academics. As a result, this course intensively molds our students in becoming the best 21st century global professionals and individuals, as well as become highly equipped in whatever challenges that may come on the way . Also, this comprehensive course opens more doors of career opportunities to choose from. In order to know more about our course, take a sneak peak of our videos below and be inspired to choose Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

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