BS Physical Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a four-year degree program consisting of general education and professional courses and also includes an internship program that involves assigning students to different CHED –accredited affiliation centers. It aims to develop students to become movement experts in bridging disability into functionality and to produce competent global leaders and professionals who are experts in rehabilitation therapy
and patient management.

Program Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge of physical sciences, social sciences, health sciences and natural sciences to the
practice of physical therapy.
2. Demonstrate consistent competence in conducting a comprehensive examination, evaluation, and
assessment of patients/clients across the lifespan within a broad continuum of care.
3. Demonstrate consistent competence in planning and implementing appropriate physical therapy
interventions for patients/clients across the lifespan within a broad continuum of care.
4. Apply teaching-learning principles in different learning environments.
5. Practice beginning management and leadership skills in various practice settings.
6. Demonstrate research-related skills in the application of best practice evidence in the performance of
various roles in different practice settings.
7. Promote health and improved quality of life through the practice of the profession.
8. Actively engage in lifelong learning activities.
9. Work effectively in an inter-professional collaborative setting.
10. Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication skills as well as reading and listening.
11. Demonstrate social and professional responsibility and ethical behaviors in multi-cultural settings and
12. Maximize the use of innovative technology in the practice of the profession.

Take on the future

Our graduates are ready to take the board exam and become 21st century leaders who have high level of emotional intelligence to manage the therapy of their clients. They can be found in hospital rehabilitation setting, private practice, sports rehabilitation, or long-term care facilities both in the Philippines and abroad.


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