BS Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT) is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses.  The fourth-year level is the internship program of one year in a CHED-accredited training laboratory with rotational duties in different sections such as Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Immunology and Serology, Urinalysis and Other Body Fluids (Clinical Microscopy), Parasitology, Histopathologic/Cytologic Techniques, and other emergent technologies.

Program Outcomes

 The graduates have the ability to:

1. Demonstrate technical competence in the performance of clinical laboratory tests in aid of diagnosis,
treatment, and management of diseases vis-à-vis biosafety and waste management.
2. Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in the workplace.
3. Engage in the collection, analysis, and projection of health information for improving the health care
management system.
4. Demonstrate interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and ethical practice and profession.
5. Apply research skills in relevant areas of Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science practice.
6. Participate in community-oriented activities.
7. Engage in life–long learning activities.
8. Demonstrate effective teaching and communication skills

Take on the future

Our graduates are board exam and technology ready. They have the ability to be leaders in clinical and hospital laboratories, biomedical research facilities, forensic laboratories, and as marketing and sales professionals for pharmaceutical, and medical corporations.


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