BS Medical Technology


Medical Technology: Want to know more?


Want to have a successful Medical Technology career?

Want to go to Medical School because you want to become a doctor? Or, you want to be an important player of a healthcare team?

Usually, people would choose BS Medical Technology. And mind you, it is considered one of the best pre-med courses. So, you may be wondering: Which school is the best to go to?

Our answer? Riverside College!

If you want to know more about our BS MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY program, read below!

BS Medical Technology is a four-year comprehensive course that focuses on areas in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Blood Banking and other emergent technologies. Medical Technologists are responsible for performing a wide range of laboratory tests that help diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. These tests are essential for detecting and monitoring conditions, such as infections, cancers, and genetic disorders. 


At Riverside College, we make also make sure that you are career-ready. The program is  inclusive of a 2-year intensive internship program to equip you and get you board exam and job-ready right after you graduate!

RCI Goals

Our Goals


We want to bring out the best in our students and be board exam and career ready by graduation. So, here are our goals by the end of the 4-year course:

  • Be globally competitive in all aspects of Medical Technology
  • Demonstrate great interpersonal, analytical, research, critical thinking, leadership, and effective communication skills
  • Immerse in lifelong learning activities such as community outreach specifically in health-care
  • Work in a variety of setting, including hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and research facilities
  • Specialize in areas such as Chemistry, Hematology, or Microbiology
  • Develop outstanding professionalism in the field of Medical Technology
  • Ace the Medical Technology Licensure Exam with flying colors

Take on the future

Our course ensures you to be job-ready and board exam ready! We are with you to take on the challenge on whatever it takes to bring out the best in our students. After you pass the Medical Technologist Licensure Exam, you will play a vital role in the healthcare system, as you provide important diagnostic information that helps improve patient care and outcomes. You can be in different fields in Medical Technology such as technologists in clinical and hospital laboratories, biomedical research facilities, forensic laboratories, marketing and sales professionals for pharmaceutical, and medical corporations, the academe, or pursue Medical school.

So, what’s in it for me?

If you are more curious than ever,  click the link below to know more about our course outline.


Click on the link to view the curriculum of program.

In a nutshell

Overall, our BS Medical Technology gives intensive training both in and out of the classroom. Hence, the course not just prepare the graduate on time to be board exam-ready, but globally competitive and holistic individual and professional. To learn furthermore about Medical Technology here in Riverside College, watch our 2 videos to be inspired and as well as know more of the new updates of our program.

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