The 4-year Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program aims to produce globally-competent entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals equipped with creativity, critical thinking, risk intelligence, and effective communication skills imbued with integrity and excellence in the field of entrepreneurship and management. Graduates of the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program can pursue careers as self-employed professionals and may bring an entrepreneurial mindset and assume managerial positions in the field of Sales, Business Development, and other related positions in private or public organizations.

Program Outcomes

1. Analyze/scan the environment to determine business opportunities and develop their profitability profiles
from which entrepreneurial ventures can be selected from.
2. Create a business plan to start and grow their businesses with a high level of entrepreneurial
3. Prepares and comply with requirements for business operations
4. Mobilize the necessary human, financial, logistical and technical resources to implement the business
5. Build connections and business networks through real case studies and industry exposures.
6. Apply entrepreneurial values in any undertakings and assume managerial positions.
7. Operate and manage the enterprise observing good governance and social responsibility.

Take on the future

An entrepreneurial mindset is needed today in order to succeed and accomplish your own personal vision as a professional.


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