BS Business Administration

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program will prepare you to face the fast-changing market head-on; The program has a multi-disciplinary approach that will equip you to effectively manage all aspects of operations, management systems, and business processes within the organization.


1. Be a manager from Day 1 through our intensive training and management competencies.
2. Get some lit communication skills to lead and manage teams through our Computer-Aided Language Learning.
3. Get digital skills on fleek through tech-savvy classes using Microsoft office-based and online management apps.
4. Stan #real industry exposures from 1st Year – 4th Year.
5. Vibe with business ad profs with #goals management experiences in various private and public sectors.

Take on the future

The graduates of the Program are equipped with competencies to lead teams and communication skills to succeed in a corporate career. You will have opportunities for managerial positions and other advanced roles in any industry, business ventures, and even in academic institutions.


Click on the link to view the curriculum of the program.

What to look forward to…