Careers FIRST SEMESTER AY 2022-2023

The RIVERSIDE COLLEGE, INC.  is in need of the following FACULTY for the FIRST SEMESTER AY 2022-2023 in the following Department:   JOB POSITIONS: (Instructors for) Medical Technology Nursing Sciences Languages Social Sciences Religious Education Mathematics NSTP Trainers   COLLEGE OF NURSING  Qualifications: Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing With Master’s Degree in Nursing/ …

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BS Nursing

Caregiving NC II

LIVE-IN CAREGIVER TRAINING PROGRAMCAREGIVING NC II On-going Enrolment on a rolling basisTESDA APPROVEDTESDA Certificate of TVET Program Registration WTR No.0406062008Contact No.0998-598-9732 The caregiver instructional program trains students to provide care and services to infants / toddlers, children, elderly people and people with special needs. The program is specifically developed to equip the learners with relevant …

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Senior High ABM

Senior High School – (ABM)

This strand is designed as an introductory course in Accountancy, Business and Management where you are trained to think critically to master the use of information technology in delivering business-related outcomes.    Graduate from Senior High School and move forward to the degree program of your choice at Riverside College! Complete and Modern Physical and Virtual Facilities Supportive academic program that inspires students to excellence. Tech-savvy …

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Senior High Stem

Senior High School – (STEM)

This strand will help you recognize simple to complex problems and find effective and efficient solutions through the application of scientific, technological, and mathematical concepts.   Graduate from Senior High School and move forward to the degree program of your choice at Riverside College! Complete and Modern Physical and Virtual Facilities Supportive academic program that …

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BS Medical Technology

BS Medical Technology

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN  MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Medical Technology: Want to know more?   Want to have a successful Medical Technology career? Want to go to Medical School because you want to become a doctor? Or, you want to be an important player of a healthcare team? Usually, people would choose BS Medical Technology. And mind …

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BS Physical Therapy

BS Physical Therapy

BS IN PHYSICAL THERAPY  BS Physical Therapy, what comes to your mind? Massage? For stroke patients only? Exercise program? These are just one of the several misconceptions when it comes to BS Physical Therapy.   BS in Physical Therapy is a medical field that trains students to become experts in helping people regain their health and mobility …

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BS Nursing

BS in Nursing

BS IN NURSING Riverside College has been synonymous with BS in Nursing since time immemorial. In Negros Occidental, when others ask where you go to college, and you answer, “Riverside College”, they usually ask, “What is your course, Nursing?” It may sound funny but there’s a history to that! Riverside College started with the Bachelor …

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