Project Description

Senior High School

Our TVL track will help you get the certifications needed to have high employability after you graduate. Being responsive to the ever expanding market here and abroad, students who enroll on this strand have specialized hands-on subjects that meet the standard hour requirement and the competency-based assessment for National Certifications of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Technology-Aided Program & Nurturing Environment and Processes are embedded in this program

  • Diverse Immersion Program
  • Technology in the Learning Process
  • Remedial Teacher Support
  • Job-Ready Skills

We produce Digitally fluent graduates

Our students have the vocational skills in order for them to earn after they graduate should they opt not to pursue higher education. After completing this strand, you will be equipped to develop knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform the tasks on Caregiving, Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing, Computer Programming (JAVA), and Contact Center Services.