Project Description


Our BS Physical Therapy program is tested and proven through our board placers. We continue to seek excellence through our upgraded facilities and innovative educational processes that will equip you with leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Technology-Aided Program & Nurturing Environment and Processes are embedded in this program

  • Support upon entrance up to the board exam
  • Learning Management System
  • Computer-Aided Language Learning for Communication Skills
  • Complete Laboratory Facilities with Multi-Reality Simulations
  • Nationwide internship opportunities
  • Home of Board Placers: Rank 1 (2018), Rank 2 (2002 & 2019), Rank 3 (2019)
  • Top 4 Performing Schools in the Philippines in August 2017

Take on the future

Our graduates are ready to take the board exam and become 21st century leaders who have high level of emotional intelligence to manage the therapy of their clients. They can be found in hospital rehabilitation setting, private practice, sports rehabilitation, or long-term care facilities both in the Philippines and abroad.

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View Curriculum

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