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Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing trains you to have a rewarding career as a 21st century registered nurse. We bring together science & technology to enable you to address current and emerging health issues and equip you with leadership & communication skills to be part of or lead medical teams anywhere in the world.

Technology-Aided Program & Nurturing Environment and Processes are embedded in this program

  • Support upon entrance up to the Board Exam
  • Learning Management System
  • Computer-Aided Language Learning for Communication Skills
  • Complete and State-of-the-Art Laboratory Facilities including Hospital Simulation Laboratory
  • 83 BSN Board Placers since 1977

Take on the future

Our graduates are board exam and technology ready, they are leaders of health care teams in hospitals, community health agencies, long-term care facilities and a variety of other settings anywhere in the world.

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View Curriculum

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